• Life beyond adulthood
  • It's not about who you were...
  • It's about who you are becoming.
  • Anti-aging is Anti-living
  • The great frontier of longevity

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The Film Project

"Creating a New Old"

This is a documentary film about a new paradigm of aging. It is an introduction into the growth, development and transformation that is possible in life beyond adulthood. It represents an initiative to transform our views of aging and create a new phase of life with as much purpose and meaning as all phases before it.


It began as a simple video project to discover the significance of purpose in the live of seniors in America. What we found was far more than that.  We live in an anti-aging / youth blinded culture but a new paradigm of aging is emerging which could transform who we are and what we can offer to society.

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This is his dream. Some might call it a calling. Others  might call it an obsession but when it comes to exploring a new paradigm of aging David is hooked. He is dedicated to telling the  story of a "new old" and those who are finding new and better ways to live a complete life with purpose and integrity

from start to finish.

The Director

David J Carey

David is a filmmaker and video producer located in Minneapolis, MN.  His company, Show & Tell Group develops and produces commercials, corporate communications and short films.



Discovering Elderhood

The project has taken David across the country as he learned about the need for a new paradigm of aging in America. The stories of those who are exploring this new frontier became the foundation of the project. Each element reinforced the others and a common theme emerged: why is growing old bad?


With each interview came a new discovery and a new level of understanding of what growing old intentionally could be. From new concepts of housing to new pathways of wisdom David found a tremendous opportunity for growth, development and renewal that defies the prevalent negative images of being old.


With each edit the message went deeper and he purpose of the project became more and more clear: inspire a generation to look beyond our limited views of aging and discover a new frontier of aging filled with purpose and meaning.

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The Aging Film Project

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