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We are living longer and a wave of Baby Boomers is approaching the shores of the “aged” demographic. We look on this part of life with tremendous personal fear and denial. Aging baby boomers fear being devalued and marginalized. Society tells us that this phase of life is a time of loss: loss of purpose, integrity and meaning leaving us to become a crippling burden on society and loved ones. But what if....?

What if our current culture is wrong? What if society and the images they show us about being old are fundamentally flawed and false? What if “old” isn’t bad? What if this phase of life is a time when we can, more than at any earlier age, fully discover our true sense of self and purpose? What if we could discover joy, peace and meaning in each day and live fully through this ultimate phase of life? What if we could make big things happen by joining together with others to create a community of concerned, focused and experienced individuals and become more important and more valuable to your society and the world than we have ever been?

Welcome to Old On Purpose. A documentary about a growing positive aging revolution that could change the paradigm of being “old”.

Connie Goldman

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Richard Leider

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